Bonsai Special: Red Maple

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Bonsai Special: Red Maple
  • A one-of-a-kind, hand-selected specimen from our nursery, chosen for its unique form and suitability for shaping — you'll receive exactly what's pictured here
  • Seed-grown without poison or pesticides at our nursery on California's Redwood Coast
  • Transplanting and care instructions included
  • Trees can provide a natural barrier against high winds, temperatures, noise pollution and soil erosion, all while benefiting local air quality, wildlife and property values — a Jonsteen seedling will only grow in value and beauty!

About This Tree
Red twigs, branchlets, and buds give Red Maple (Acer rubrum) its name, as does the brilliant scarlet color of the tree's fall foliage. The graceful waves of this tree's trunk made it a standout for Will.

About Jonsteen's Bonsai Specials
Periodically, our bonsai master-in-residence, Will, hand-selects these one-of-a-kind specimens from the nursery, which are chosen specifically for their unique form and suitability for shaping.

About Jonsteen's Seedlings
All of our trees are seed-grown — without poison or pesticides — at our nursery on California's Redwood Coast, which is inspected monthly and licensed by the California Department of Agriculture.

About Jonsteen's 100% Guarantee

All of our trees are guaranteed to arrive healthy and in good condition. If your tree perishes, we will replace it with a small-sized seedling for just the cost of shipping/handling ($4.60). We encourage all customers experiencing difficulties growing their trees to contact us through our toll-free "Tree Help Line" (1-888-387-3379).

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