Flowering Dogwood Grow Kit - Cornus nutalli

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Cornus nutallii

Everything needed to start a dogwood tree from seed! This is a gift that will keep on giving year after year! PACIFIC DOGWOOD: Cornus nuttallii is known as Pacific Dogwood, Western Dogwood, and sometimes Mountain Dogwood. This lovely understory tree highlights forests in western North America, from British Columbia down into Southern California. The western cousin of Cornus florida, Pacific Dogwood gets a bit larger than Flowering Dogwood, but, otherwise, the two trees are very similar in appearance and habit, displaying many of the same beautiful characteristics – especially the Dogwood’s trademark white blooms. The National Champion Western Dogwood is a 60-foot tall tree in Oregon, but, typically, Pacific Dogwood climbs to between 25 and 40 feet tall.

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