Norway Spruce | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings

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  • Landscaping projects, windbreak plantings, restoration work, reforestation efforts — there's never been a better time to pick up the trees for the job.
  • Grow your own Norway Spruce (Picea abies), an incredibly hardy and adaptable species from Northern Europe!
  • Seed-grown without poison or pesticides at our nursery on California's Redwood Coast
  • Transplanting and care instructions included
  • Trees can provide a natural barrier against high winds, temperatures, noise pollution and soil erosion, all while benefiting local air quality, wildlife and property values — a Jonsteen seedling will only grow in value and beauty!

About Norway Spruce
A native of Northern Europe, the stately and tough Norway Spruce is a large, fast-growing, and commonly cultivated tree throughout the U.S. and Europe. Norway Spruce's wholly dark green needles lend a dark and brooding aspect to the tree's attractive pyramidal form. Norway Spruces can grow to heights of over 200 feet, and have large (4 to 9 inch-long) cones.

This species owes its popularity not only to its visual appeal and imposing size, but also to its tremendous hardiness and adaptability. The Norway Spruce is one of the most widely planted spruces, both in and outside of its native range, and one of the most economically important coniferous species in Europe. Norway Spruce tolerates heat and humidity better than most spruces, and is extremely cold-hardy and wind resistant. It can adapt to all but the warmest southern or tropical climates, and has very few pest and disease issues.

Picea abies has an orderly form and has been widely used as a Christmas Tree, although its needle retention is not the best after being cut. In 1948, a 100-foot tall Norway Spruce became the largest Christmas Tree ever displayed in Rockefeller Center in New York City. The City of Oslo, Norway, continues to supply large Norway Spruces each year for holiday celebrations in major cities from London to Washington, D.C. But any time of year, Norway Spruce is a generous species that gives many gifts; from paper and timber, to medicine and spruce beer, from shelter from the wind to tone-wood for stringed instruments.

About Jonsteen's Seedlings
All of our trees are seed-grown — without poison or pesticides — at our nursery on California's Redwood Coast, which is inspected monthly and licensed by the California Department of Agriculture.

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