Port Orford Cedar Mini-Grow Kit

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Chamaecyparis lawsoniana

An important timber tree of Southern Oregon and Northern California and immensely popular in Europe as a cultivated ornamental, Port Orford Cedars are named after a coastal Oregon town in the midst of the tree's native range. Port Orford Cedars can grow to heights in excess of 200 feet with trunks up to 16 feet in diameter, but are generally closer to 100 feet tall at maturity – a mid-sized evergreen with gracefully flowing foliage, a sturdy trunk, and a strong vertical habit. In Europe, Port Orford Cedars are more commonly known as "Lawson Cypress" (named after the Scottish botanist who first introduced them to science). Chamaecyparis lawsoniana is a beautiful, imposing tree with lacy, fragrant foliage (parsley scented), and a lifespan of more than 600 years. Wood from Port Orford Cedar is especially prized in the Orient, where it has long been considered the choicest wood for yacht-building. Port Orford Cedar's small, plated cones are the size of peas. The species is easily propagated, which, in combination with the tree's pleasing attributes and valuable wood, may be why it has been so widely cultivated around the world. Today, there are thousands of "cultivars" of this species, most originating in Europe. As a native of the coastal Pacific Northwest below 5,000 feet, this tree grows best in mild and moderate climates, but has proven versatile and successful well outside its native range.

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