Rocky Mountain Columbine | Flower Seed Grow Kit

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  • Grow your own Rocky Mountain Columbines from seed, the State Flower of Colorado!
  • Each kit contains approx. 0.25 oz of pure seed — enough to plant over 100 square feet of flowers!
  • 100% guaranteed: If your seed fails to germinate, we are happy to provide free replacement seed
  • Great for kids and adults, amateurs to experts!

About Rocky Mountain Columbine
Aguilegia coerulea was first documented in 1820 by the famous mountain climber Edwin James on top of Pike’s Peak. The Columbine’s scientific name is derived from the Latin “Aquila,” meaning “eagle,” for the flower’s rear spurs, which resemble the talons of an eagle. Over 70 species of Aquilegia exist worldwide, ranging in color from bright red, yellow, and orange, to shades of lavender and purple.

Native Americans crushed the seeds and roots of the Columbine to treat headaches, fevers, rashes, heart problems, and sore throats. Native men are also said to have used the flower as an ingredient in a love charm. The Columbine was named the State Flower of Colorado in 1891 after schoolchildren voted it their favorite flower.

This grow kit contains approx. 0.25 oz of 100% pure Aquilegia coerulea seed — enough to plant over 100 square feet of flowers!

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