Sugar Maple Grow Kit - Canadian Design

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Acer saccharum

Renowned for its exuberant fall foliage and famous for its role in producing maple syrup, Acer saccharum, commonly known as Sugar Maple, brings a handsome presence to streetsides, yards, woodland gardens, and natural forests in cool, moist climates throughout North America. With their dense crowns of star-shaped leaves, showy bark, and impressive size (up to 100 feet tall, with crowns over 80 feet in diameter, and trunks 3-4 feet), Sugar Maples never fail to stand out in the landscape. In autumn, the these trees put on a spectacular show of vibrant color, as leaves change from dark green to brilliant yellow to deep gold suffused with scarlet. Sometimes called “Hard Maple” or “Rock Maple” in tribute to the their dense, tightly grained and highly decorative wood, Acer saccharum can live for over 250 years and grows from Nova Scotia all the way down into Georgia and the South. While it prefers cool, moist climates, it can tolerate some drought, and will grow fairly well even in dry soils. They can grow in partial shade or full sun, but do best where they have plenty of room to show off their flamboyant colors and impressive physiques.
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