Valley Oak | Medium Tree Seedling

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  • Grow your own Valley Oak (Quercus lobata), the largest of the North American native oaks!
  • 100% guaranteed: If your seedling perishes, we are happy to provide a replacement small-sized seedling for just the cost of shipping/handling ($4.60)
  • Seed-grown without poison or pesticides at our nursery on California's Redwood Coast
  • Transplanting and care instructions included
  • Trees can provide a natural barrier against high winds, temperatures, noise pollution and soil erosion, all while benefiting local air quality, wildlife and property values — a Jonsteen seedling will only grow in value and beauty!

About Valley Oak
The largest of the North American oaks, Valley Oak (Quercus lobata) — also known as California White Oak — is a majestic tree endemic to California, where it grows throughout the state in hot interior valleys and foothills. Spectacular statuesque individuals, some living to 600 years of age and attaining heights in excess of 130 feet, can be seen widely scattered across expanses of grassy savannas in interior California.

Valley Oak is a deciduous tree with deeply lobed leaves and thick, heavily-ridged, pewter-colored alligator hide bark, covering a very sturdy, very thick trunk, sometimes reaching upwards of 9 feet in circumference. The Valley Oak’s branches have an irregular, spreading and arching appearance. Leaves turn from matte green (pale gray-green beneath) to yellow and orange before dropping in the fall. Foliage is aromatic and covered with abundant soft fuzz, giving them a velvety feel.

Valley Oak tolerates cool wet winters and hot dry summers, but requires abundant water. It is considered a fast grower among oaks, and the tree’s acorns have historically been an important food source for both animals and Native Americans.

About Jonsteen's Seedlings
All of our trees are seed-grown — without poison or pesticides — at our nursery on California's Redwood Coast, which is inspected monthly and licensed by the California Department of Agriculture.

About Jonsteen's 100% Guarantee
All of our trees are guaranteed to arrive healthy and in good condition. If your tree perishes, we will replace it with a small-sized seedling for just the cost of shipping/handling ($4.60). We encourage all customers experiencing difficulties growing their trees to contact us through our toll-free "Tree Help Line" (1-888-387-3379).

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