White Fir | Mini-Grow Kit

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  • Grow your own White Fir, the most versatile of the True Firs!
  • Includes absolutely everything you need to grow Abies concolor from seed: seeds, growing medium, a mini-greenhouse, and detailed instructions
  • 100% guaranteed: If your seed fails to germinate or your seedling perishes, we are happy to provide free replacement seed
  • Great for kids and adults, amateurs to experts!
  • A universal symbol of life, regrowth and recovery, enduring friendships and new beginnings, a tree is a wonderful gift that will only grow in value, meaning, and beauty

About White Fir
Native to the Western United States, Rocky Mountains, and Western Canada, White Fir (Abies concolor) is probably the best choice among the True Firs to grow in yards and gardens across America. Known also as Concolor Fir, this tree is tolerant of most climates and city conditions, and, while it does have its preferences (full sun, well-draining soils), it is far less fussy about soil types, moisture, heat, and sun exposure than most firs. Indeed, it is the most amenable to cultivation of all the fir species, and though hailing from the West, it is without a doubt the easiest fir to grow in the Eastern U.S. as well (there are significant populations of this species in both Maine and Massachusetts).

White Fir's Latin name "concolor" refers to the tree's uniform needle color — pale bluish-green on both sides, unlike most firs, which usually display the silvery stomata bloom only on their undersides. The needles of White Fir are also longer (up to 3 inches long) than the needles commonly observed on most firs. Closely related to Grand Fir, White Fir is typically under 100 feet tall, with uniform needles upwardly curved like a ribcage.

This highly symmetrical tree is a popular Christmas Tree species, with a marvelous citrus smell when the foliage is bruised. It is also a favorite of landscapers, who appreciate its ability to hold a dense, formal shape as it slowly grows into old age, stacking up orderly whorls of four or five branches in flat horizontal sprays.

About Jonsteen's Grow Kits
Growing a tree from seed is a magical and fascinating experience for people of all ages. Our 100% guaranteed Grow Kits provide everything you need to germinate some of the world's largest and most interesting tree species from seed — seeds, growing medium, a mini-greenhouse, and detailed instructions, which lead you through the whole process, from cold-stratifying your seeds to germination and transplanting.

About Jonsteen’s 100% Guarantee
If your seed fails to germinate or your seedling perishes, we are happy to provide free replacement seed. We encourage all customers experiencing difficulties growing their trees to contact us through our toll-free "Tree Help Line" (1-888-387-3379).

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