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Frequently Asked Questions

Sequoia Wolf | Frequently Asked Questions | The Jonsteen Company

Tree Replacements

If your tree has perished despite your honest efforts, we will be happy to provide a free small-sized seedling replacement fresh from our nursery (you pay shipping/handling only). Please check out our Tree Replacements page for more information.

Seed Replacements

If your Seed Grow Kit fails to produce a seedling, or if a successfully germinated seedling perishes, we will be glad to send you fresh seed (and helpful growing tips) at absolutely no cost. You can get in touch with us here.

Fulfillment & Shipping

We are located in Humboldt County, California, along the Redwood Coast near to the border of Oregon. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm PST.

All orders are fulfilled Monday – Friday beginning at about 8am PST. Barring special arrangements, we ship orders within 3 business days of receipt, giving priority to expedited orders (where customer designates shipping service other than standard or ground).

If you have any questions about order fulfillment or need to ensure delivery by a specific date, please reach out.

Delivery estimates shown at checkout are provided by our carriers and are not guaranteed. For more information about the shipping services we use, please visit our carriers' websites:

USPS Shipping Service | The Jonsteen Company
UPS Shipping Services | The Jonsteen Company

Packing & Transport

To ensure maximum freshness, we pull our trees from the nursery the same day that we ship them. Roots are hydrated before packing, then placed into protective sleeves that help to retain moisture around the roots and soil. These are container-grown seedlings, so their roots have not been disturbed during extraction — all the soil they've ever grown in is right there with them in the root plug. This makes our trees largely impervious to the typical "shock" that other plants can suffer during transport and transplant.

Once an order has shipped, an email with tracking information is sent to the email address provided at checkout, so the package can be followed en route, allowing the customer to know exactly when to expect their order.

Please visit our Shipping Information page to learn more about how we ship our trees.

Planting & Growing Instructions

Jonsteen’s Seed Grow Kits each include detailed step-by-step instructions, which lead through the whole germination and growing process, from cold-stratifying to transplanting. Orders of Live Tree Seedlings also include thorough transplanting and care instructions, along with a basic overview of five prevalent bonsai styles.

You can review these resources (and more) at our Growing Instructions page.

International Orders

We regularly ship trees and tree seeds to all corners of the earth; however, every country has their own rules and regulations regarding the importation of plants and seeds. Please visit our Shipping Information page to learn more.

Choosing a Tree

Our nursery is home to many valuable and interesting forest and landscape tree species appropriate to climates and landscapes of all kinds around the country and around the world. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the nursery experts at Jonsteen to help you find the right tree for your area!

Tree Sizes

Due to the dynamic nature of actively growing trees, as well as the tremendous variation between species’ growth rates, we rely on the cubic volume of a seedling’s root mass to determine its “size” (Small / Medium / Large / XL). Size charts for our "small" and "medium" trees can be found on all of our product listings. "Large" trees are grown in 1-gallon containers, and "XL" trees are grown in 3-gallon containers. If exact measurements are essential, please contact us about current stock.


Bonsai, the art of creating "miniature trees," is an ancient art form which has been practiced for centuries in both Eastern and Western cultures. In some traditions, bonsai has religious and spiritual meaning. For most, bonsai is primarily a practice in aesthetics and an outlet for creativity and artistic expression. Many of our trees make great candidates for bonsai — you can check out our selection of trees that respond well to this method of cultivation here

Made in the USA

All of Jonsteen’s products are 100% made in the USA, from the packaging we use to the trees we grow from seed.

Wholesale Customers

Looking to resell our trees or grow kits as part of a licensed retail operation? Head over to our merchant website at www.jonsteen.com!