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Jonsteen Tree TV!


Seed Grow Kit Growing Instructions

Join Summer and Sequoia the Wolf as they learn about seed stratification, germination, and transplanting using Jonsteen's awesome grow kits, then grow your own!

Plant Your Tree!

Jonsteen's Steen Christensen shows you how best to unpack and plant your Jonsteen tree seedling. Steen shares his recommendations for container size, soil and fertilizer type, plus watering tips. Join Steen: plant your tree!


National Arbor Day

Learn about the history of our national tree holiday, and help Jonsteen spread the word about the need for more tree planting!

Tree Planting along the Avenue of the Giants

A short reflection on our first tree planting of 2021: a nice little Coast Redwood/Coast Live Oak project along the Avenue of the Giants with friends. Trees are good!

Giant Sequoia in Nature and in the Nursery | Live Webinar

Jonsteen teams up with Calaveras Big Trees State Park for a special virtual event, exploring the lifecycle of the amazing Giant Sequoia! We discuss the magic of seed germination and how Jonsteen replicates processes that occur in nature to successfully grow these fantastic trees in a nursery setting.


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