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Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings
Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings
Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings
Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings
Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings
Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings
Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings
Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings

Aleppo Pine | Lot of 30 Tree Seedlings

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Pinus halepensis

  • Grow your own Aleppo Pine, a tree steeped in the rich history of the Mediterranean region
  • Bulk tree deal for landscaping projects, windbreaks, restoration and reforestation work, and other large-scale plantings
  • Seed-grown on California's Redwood Coast
  • Transplanting and care instructions included

Water Needs | The Jonsteen Company
Cold Hardiness | The Jonsteen Company Cold Hardiness
Light Needs | The Jonsteen Company Light
Full Sun / Partial Shade
Size | The Jonsteen Company Size
50 – 80' tall / 20 – 40' spread
Age | The Jonsteen Company Lifespan
150 yrs
Growth Rate | The Jonsteen Company Growth Rate
Fast Growing
Drought Tolerance | The Jonsteen Company Drought Tolerance
Windfirm | The Jonsteen Company Wind Resistance

About Aleppo Pine

The Aleppo Pine — also known as Jerusalem Pine — is native to the entire coastal region around the Mediterranean Sea, and is one of the few pine species that occurs naturally in Africa, where it is especially prevalent in Morocco and coastal areas of Algeria. Steeped in the rich history of the Mediterranean region, the Aleppo Pine's strong and durable wood was used to build the historic Roman ships of Nemi, and in Greece, its tannin-rich bark is used to make the Greek wine, retsina. Today, Pinus halepensis is still widely cultivated throughout the Mediterranean and elsewhere.

A mid-sized tree, Aleppo Pine makes a fine ornamental, growing to maximum heights of around 60'. It has a wide domed crown of bright green needles and an often-twisted trunk covered with purplish brown bark. Aleppo Pines feature very distinctive, shiny reddish cones (approximately 4" long), usually clustered in small groups. Aleppo Pine grows moderately fast, and has a life-span of up to 200 years. The seed came from the forests surrounding Jerusalem, Israel.

This tree is not very demanding and will adapt to all kinds of soils. It is particularly well suited for arid climates, tolerates wind and drought, and thrives at the seashore. Aleppo Pines are tender when young, but established trees can withstand near-zero temperatures as well as extreme heat.

About Jonsteen's Seedlings

All of our trees are seed-grown at our nursery on California's Redwood Coast, which is inspected monthly and licensed by the California Department of Agriculture. Trees can provide a natural barrier against high winds, temperatures, noise pollution and soil erosion, all while benefiting local air quality, wildlife and property values — a Jonsteen seedling will only grow in value and beauty!

About Jonsteen's Nursery Lots

Periodically, we offer great deals on bulk lots of select species to make room in the nursery for our new crop. It's a great way for us to keep things moving while rewarding our most prolific tree-planting customers. Are you thinking about a larger-scale landscaping, windbreak, restoration or reforestation project? This deal was made for you!

Seedling Size Chart: Small

Due to the dynamic nature of actively growing trees, as well as the tremendous variation between species’ growth rates, we rely on the cubic volume of a seedling’s root mass to determine its “size” (Small / Medium / Large / XL). Within each size there is minor variance — the dimensions provided here represent the category minimum. If exact measurements are essential, please contact us about current stock.

Seedling Size Chart | Small | The Jonsteen Company